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For those of you who are new here I put out videos talking about the news, world events And then we get to the Friday Show and I really focus on what this is all about and that is having a conversation So here I go through the past week of videos I look at the comments, and I reply I have a conversation But before we get into that, [chuckIes] I did want to cover something that a lot of people asked me to talk about It didn't really fit into any of the shows and now there's also an update

Some of you might remember a gentleman by the name of Tariq Nasheed He describes himself as an "anti-racism strategist," a "constitution advocate" and you might remember him A few weeks ago we featured his tweet: I asked if it's exhausting being that stupid or if you get used to it He responded So that was that, until this week when Tariq went to twitter and posted: Oh I love those quotes To which someone responded: To which he responded: If Tariq Nasheed is a real person and not a top level troll, I don't – I don't know what to do with myself! I then, because I hate people that manipulate the news to fit their narrative, jumped into the story, taking a screenshot of the full cover with the red X's and the cropped photo that Tariq posted to hide the black rape accusers, and tweeted: To which Tariq responded: to which I pointed out that he had cropped the black women out of his post to mislead and promote a white hate "narrative" Then later, when people called him out for cropping out those women, he responded: You are talking about women who are accusing a man of rape He's calling these women 'tokens' he's dismissing them as people because they go against his narrative I mean, how can you be surprised that women are scared to accuse their rapist? And that would have been where this ridiculous story ends, except ( laughs ) He has to be a troll he can't be a real life person He promoted a post, I don't know if he wrote it, titled: *oh boy* And it's written on a site that is so shitty, and the writing is so poor, it has to be him! Right? But I mean granted he is verified and he has an audience so there's probably other people that are this stupid

Anyway, I just had to share that because depending on where people read about me this week I'm a white supremacist, I'm a Trump lover , I'm all these things apparently This, because I'm trying to be a rational voice in an increasingly irrational world That said, let's jump into the Monday show Monday we talked about the CNN staging fake news controversy, London Bridge attacks, and Trump's response to the London Mayor On the CNN fake news controversy, William Shelton wrote: and oh my God, I want to start using the word 'gangrenous' So visceral

Yeah, like I said, I'm not entirely convinced that the protesters were fake protesters, or that they were paid to do it and whether it be CNN or anyone else, this feels like it goes against best practices Especially when, once again, the CNN reporter, Anderson, says this: ANDERSON: A poignant scene, and a scene we should sit on just for you viewers, to understand exactly how people feel here It sounds like she found the scene, positioned herself in front of the scene, and wants to showcase it, and so that's why I think that doing it this way is incredibly wrong but as far as if CNN and the BBC and everyone that filmed that, they set out to fake the news, I don't think that's the case What I've realised in my life and doing this show for so long is there's a lot of times that we see something as EVIL and it just turns out to be just stupid and lazy J McConnell writes: So last thing you said, J, let's put the sentence on the screen, that is the fucking truth about most everyone in this world

This is the thing that we will all be guilty of from time to time, to some people all the time The thing I appreciate about our audience and I'm gonna say the majority of the audience, is in certain videos where I call out Trump for doing something incredibly fucking stupid, there are Trump supporters that are like 'I'm a Trump supporter, but that is fucking stupid' The people that don't see their guy as infallible, the people that don't see their way as the only way When I look to people that identify themselves as liberals and then they see stories like the Evergreen College story and they're like 'those people are fucking crazy!' Harassment, boxing in, just screaming in people's faces, that's not how you promote equality So that's what I say more and more

We may not see eye to eye, there may be days that we're just like 'fuck you!' but more and more I'm seeing people not locked in And that's important As far as the other part of your comment, I get what you're saying, it still rubs me the wrong way I'm more with William Shelton I want more responsible journalism, more, if anything, raw views into the world

Doesn't have to be perfect Texture over polish because texture is reality Vaughn Utube wrote: Well Vaughn, I would still say I do believe that he took those comments out of context We played the full clip that he was grabbing it from He's obviously saying 'Don't be freaked out by the increased police presence, they are there for your protection'

Also, and I want to go a little bit further here and this is more of a personal opinion on how you handle yourself and it's not PC culture versus something else I don't believe that responsible leaders say 'Freak the fuck out people' 'This shit's horrifying! I don't even want to go outside!' The Mayor of London, you can go after him for everything he's done outside of this situation until you're blue in the face but what we're talking about is this situation He said 'We're taking this situation seriously, there's an increased police presence', we saw on the news that they're arresting people left and right It's a misrepresentation of what the Mayor said here And as far as your notion that crazy people don't care about police, no, and also people that have a belief that there is a life beyond this one and that part of what they're doing, in their head, that killing in this instance is going to serve them in the afterlife, that is horrifying

But the World in general is scary There are soft targets everywhere and there is terrorism of all kinds and all colours in this world People are so scared that someone is going to try and put a bomb on an airplane when the really scary thing is that someone could just take a gun and mow people down while they're waiting in line to get screened to get on an airplane You're inside a mall, you're waiting outside an amusement park, there is no such thing as a safe place Things need to get done, precautions need to be made, we need to be more proactive than reactive but telling people 'AHH FREAK OUT!': there are ramifications when people promote fear and anger

But that's also just my takeaway from this Then let's talk about the Tuesday show Tuesday we talked about the ever-developing YouTube demonetisation problem, net neutrality protests, War Machine being sentenced to 36 years in prison and all the craziness happening with Qatar Tim McClure wrote: And to that, I say, Tim, I think you just argued against your own point I get what you're saying; the government is big, it is fat, at times it's very, very stupid

Regulations can get in the way of progress I get that and I get that consumers are great regulators on industries If someone does something stupid, they stay away from that, they go to the good thing but as you pointed out, in the US, we have a really messed up system where companies essentially do have monopolies or duopolies where based on your location, maybe you have access to 1, 2, oh my God, 3 decent internet connections Now, if the first move was to get rid of the bullshit that locked us into this horrible, horrible internet situation in the United States, then, yes, I think that there is a conversation about taking away regulation and maybe not considering Internet access to be a utility even though I personally believe it is so I guess the question I would ask is, since it doesn't appear that Congress is going to do anything about the original shitty situation, shouldn't we have the protections out there for us? The regular Joes, the entrepreneurs, the small businesses — Why should they be able to live or die based on the choice of an ISP? On the topic of Youtube demonitizing some and not others, "Northern Perspective" wrote: "Alice A Bayes" wrote: So to "Northern Perspective" I say, 'Yeah, that's what's confusing, it seems like some, but not all" But to Alice, I would say, I think that there are things that it makes sense for there not to be ads next to

But as far as it being because of a description of an event that took place, which is news coverage, that feels a little wonky From a business point of view, when I think about it from the brands' eyes, I get it I understand that Youtube's policies are open enough to allow kind of a gray area of picking and choosing But I personally just hate seeing the massive difference between things that I say being demonitized, and the things being said and shown from other established organizations not being hit That said, the whole situation got even more confusing because the video was demonitized, then we appealed it, then I was told, "Oh well no, it's going to stay demonitized

" But then I also got an email that said, "Hey! Your video has been monitized!" But then I went back to Youtube, and I still have that stupid yellow dollar I don't think they know what's happening! Whatever! I got you guys watching and sharing my videos to get it out there to the World I got the DeFranco Elite helping funding, filling in the holes of Youtube being wishy-washy about where the ads can go! So I'll leave that there Onward and upward! Then we had the Wednesday show: Wednesday we talked about the horrible coverage from The Verge and Forbescom

The "I'm going to try to sell my husband into sex slavery" Florida woman story The drug epidemic currently happening in the United States The Senate intelligence hearings and the opening statement from James Comey On the 'misrepresentation' story, Max Maggio wrote: Well so, to that — that would ultimately fall on the shoulders of the main editor-in-chief And if you've gotten to the point where the editor-in-chief is just skimming through things then your whole business model is gonna have a problem

As far as the people, not the sites — I think that people should keep that in mind with any organization, whether it be what I build, we're going to incorporate a lot of different people, not everyone is gonna get right all the time As you grow, the likelihood of shitty people being part of your organization or people that have bias, or people that see getting more clicks as better than proper representation It happens And as far as the Forbes article, I saw someone else that was written about making a whole video on how they were misrepresented Essentially saying he did this long interview with the writer of that article and the writer just took three things, spliced it up, and threw it in to make it look like garbage

And I'll say, this is where my bias kicks in, and I believe that because that has happened to me multiple times in the past and it is infuriating You'll find writers that are just trying to pick apart what they're saying to fit a piece that they already want to throw out there Making content like that, it's just a garbage move On drug deaths in the US, Tim McClure wrote: And I will say that when I was younger I used to think that decriminalization of all drugs was a crazy idea [sarcasticly] 'Obviously, the drug epidemic would get worse' But I actually don't think so

I'm not always a big fan when you compare other countries to the United States because it's not always apples-to-apples Different population size, different breakdowns, it's often different situations But you have examples of countries that have decriminalized drugs and they focus on education, treatment — and they're doing fine! If people are going to get and do drugs, they're going to get and do drugs Especially when it gets to the hard stuff! It still boggles my mind that anyone ever will do meth There's just so much documentation of how scary that shit is

But I agree with you, I think if we stopped focusing on trying to incarcerate people who are doing drugs, putting people in prison for nonviolent crimes, there is so much money wasted and the number of lives and families ruined because of the war on drugs is truly horrifying Instead we could spend the money on the proper education of young people of how scary these are — and I mean real education Not that marijuana is the devil, and that "It's pretty much just as bad as heroin" bullshit A lot of us got as kids, But honest information And then also throw money at treatment, because people are going to become addicted

We talked about scary stats about legally prescribed opioids yesterday Stats that said there was a likelihood of 1 in 4 people abusing/potentially becoming addicted to that medication So you're giving people treatment for what they were getting legally, Also you help treat people for what they were doing illegally And actually on the note of illegal drugs, specifically heroin, I got so many messages yesterday with several stories that I never really thought about So many people were sharing their stories of how they or a friend or a family member became addicted to opioids but then their prescription were ending and then they just went to heroin

That was eye-opening because I've always been a person that was like, "How does someone get into heroin? Who wakes up and they're like, 'meth sounds great!'" Seeing those numbers, that's scary Then let's talk about Thursday: Thursday we talked about the police assaulting that guy on camera, Ryanair harassment, the racist Chinese food incident, and Comey, Comey, Comey On the assault crash victim, Ntin wrote: Let's even say that it was this driver, we, I think as a society, need to decide, well not even as a society, there are laws, but let's say morally — We as a society need to decide what we want police to be Do we want them to be above the law? If this was the driver that was running away, he is no longer a threat he stopped, dropped, and rolled, put himself out of fire, took his shirt off, hands down no longer a threat And it's beatdown time? Are we saying that as a society, we go, "Yeah! This is what we call asshole attacks!" Or is that just justifying bad guys being 'bad guys' to bad guys? On the Comey hearing, Peter Click wrote: What was John McCain saying!? I love the pictures that people posted of the other senators just like, "John, shut the fuck up

What are you- What?" He's babbling, he seemed angry, he was all over the place When it was all done, senators, including Rubio, were saying they couldn't follow his line of questioning In response to the general confusion from everyone, [chuckles] John McCain released this statement, saying: Okay, so the first thing, Senator McCain, those two sentences do not go together The first one is 'my question went over people's heads' so it was a very heady question Smart question

Your second sentence makes it sound like you didn't get that much sleep so you're a little bit loopy and that you were off your game — that it's a bad question and confusing These Are not the same! Mr

McCain, do you realize these are not the same? [confused] Also, I stayed up late watching Diamondbacks games? It was the night before what people were calling "the political superbowl" which, is not accurate, that would be the presidential election But it's a big deal and you have a very important role — you're the anchor And John McCain was like, "Fuck it! Foam finger, go 'Backs" I mean this in the nicest way possible, but those sentences — I can smell them from over here But all that said, it is still going to be interesting to see what the further fallout from this Comey hearing, and the Trump response, what all of this is going to be And that's actually where I'm going to end today's show! I just want to thank you guys for a fantastic week! Thank you so much for being a part of this grand experiment — whether you just watch, comment, share, are a part of DeFranco Elite and you're helping fund this — Thank you so much for being a part of this! And remember if you liked this video, you like what I do on this channel, hit that like button

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