I don't understand this This is meant for children

Why is it so complicated? Ah! Good day everyone and welcome to today's video where I'm going into my kitchen No, babe, no I could just use a microwave! I'm going to be making fortune cookies Uh, this is kind of like Yummy Nummies, except not Yummy Nummies It's just a kit to make fortune cookies

So it looked really yummy and interesting So, I figured I would just do a video of me trying to make this thing I got it at toys R us, so it's meant for children, probably Ages five and up, actually So, let's see how much I can mess this up

Ugh Okay, let's see what this has in store for us That flopped out real hard-like Okay So, oh, you have a little mat, we have a plastic container thing, we have our mixtures, and we have our Fortune Cookie container

Oh, cute! Does it press? oh, I think it's presses the fortune cookies into a mold or something I have no idea We're going to find out Okay So, basically I took everything out of the packaging and now we have our placemat and our instruction manual

Wow! Okay, ten steps So the first one is it says to empty the cookie mix packet into the bowl This is the bowl we have Cookie mix right here Oh my gosh, it smells so frickin' yummy

Holy crap! Next is to fill this little dinky tube up with water 'til the top fill line So, I got a little water bottle Let's try this Why'd they have to make it so skinny and so tall? Was this really necessary? Okay Now, let's pour it in

Gulp, gulp, gulp In it goes Okay! Now, with this little spatula thing This is so frickin' cute! It's so little! Um, I'm just supposed to firmly press and fold into the water So, just gonna mix this up Okay, so I hold the mixture and next up is to pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds

*singsong* Yeah, yeah y-y-yeah Come on make a for-tune cookie Okay Looks the same, I guess, maybe a little damp Next up is to it mix it in with the spatula Oh

Okay, yup, no it's different It's a lot thicker of a consistency I'm supposed to mix it for ten seconds Okay, next step is to just let it sit for a minute Alrighty, so after a minute the solution has risen and now it's ready to be rolled out

So, I'm gonna– Oh Come on out Come on So you put it there and then I guess we just roll it out with a rolling pin It smells so frickin' delicious Alright, gonna roll it into a nice little ball and then place it right there in the center And we're just gonna roll it

Go 'til it's as thin as possible Oh, she's going to be very thin–roll you out–and if only this was the real way to lose weight, just a rolling pin Okay, she's I think as thin as thin can get, as thin as a fortune cookie should be Aww, I keep–every time I try rolling it–why do they have to make these little side things?! Look it, I keep making these creases in– You know what, we're just taking our damn stencil and we're just gonna squeeze it in right here There we go

That's a nice spot Okay, and we'll just peel this right off Oh, I'm a baker, baker's boy So, this is what we have to work with, just this little circle Whoo! Now we get into the fun stuff

So we get to play with this thing I have no idea what the heck it does? But we're gonna find out So, it says to put one of these, like, little key things to lift plate and insert a red bar until it clicks What plate? Oh, this plate Ooh, a little key hole! How fun

Ooh, okay, it clicked and now it says open the lid and it carefully places the patty as shown Like this I mean not the cookie's actual fortune I'm not going to look, I'm just going to randomly select one of these Looks like there's quite a few

Okay Yeah, I've got my little fortune cookie I'm just placing it Wait, you know what? Put that fortune in there Here we go

Fortune's in there I'm just going to plop it on in there nice and good-like and then I guess the next step is to just put the cover on top of it Okay, so it says press the machine all the way down and hold for two seconds Whoo, it sunk! it went down Okay

I don't know what happened on the inside Yeah, I held for two seconds It says, "open the lid and remove the red bar" uh oh All right, that what it's supposed to look like in there? I don't know I don't think so I don't think that's what she was supposed to do in there

I think, oh, okay, hold on I'm gonna–I'm just gonna I'm gonna pretend that sh–Oh, gosh Where does the red bar frickin' go? I think I was supposed to take it out down there What the– This is not a damn fortune cookie!! Oh, I wonder what my fortune is Hmm Okay, so here's our gorgeous fabulous fortune cookie You know it's a little, a little, jank, but we still love her So now we have this tray that, I guess, we just put it in? She's real messed up She is so confused

Oh, I think I– Ooh, no *mumbles* What the heck? Oh, it's upside down Oh, it's not I don't understand this This is meant for children Why is it so complicated? You know what? We're not even going to go there

We're just going to get our decorations out Here we have some icing Oh, beautiful icing Here, let's just add some water to that Oh, delicious, and now let's just add some sprinkles in there

Whoo-whee! Fortune cookie for the win! So that's the DIY on how to make a fortune cookie So, in case you want to buy this thing this is how you do it So should we open it up and see what our fortune was? I think we should Here, let's take a bite Mmm, it's sooo

Oops, I ate the fortune It says you will go on a holiday soon No, I will not be going on holiday soon because I burned down my damn house making this! Okay! Look at this mess! Who did this? Who did this? I don't know! But we need to add more icing to the table

No we don't Screw this Okay You know what? Look, I made some fortune cookies Look, ta-da

You guys are going to see this thumbnail You're going to be like that's not at all what Joey's fortune cookies look like Well, guess what? Would you have clicked on it if it looked like this?! I don't think so! You wouldn't Okay, well I hope you guys enjoyed this video even though it was a complete fail If you did, please give it a big ol' thumbs up, and I will see you all tomorrow

Good, yeah, bye

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