Stupid People Walking into Glass

No matter where you are in life I hope after watching this video of people walking into glass doors you feel better about yourself knowing that at least you aren't as dumb as they are Not sure why these geniuses are in a big rush – maybe they are on a scavenger hunt to find their brains

She's gotta be one of the dumbest people on the planet The guy can't be too bright either because he almost followed her into the glass door until he saw her flat on her ass Hopefully the door slam knocked her uterus out and we won't have to worry about her breeding any time soon When you're sleepy there's nothing more comforting than wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket of glass See, this sleepy head has the right idea

He's about to dose off for an afternoon power nap and spots a free sheet of glass blanket just hanging there Nighty Night sweet prince And while you sleep you'll be magically whisked away to the kingdom of Hospital I giggled so hard the first, second, and third time I watched this video – and fourth and fifth time too Oh those bruises are going to look so nice on her wedding day and the bloody nose will go perfectly with the roses

I feel sorry for the groom Apparently intelligence wasn't at the top of his list when looking for a wife I hope he's going to make her wear a hockey helmet out in public for her own safety This is how glass is made This is how glass is unmade

I'll give it to this guy, he sure knows how to make a grand entrance TA-DA everyone, I'm here! I love the people coming to check on him Sir, welcome to planet earth That was glass you met earlier Next time please use the door

I hope they made him clean up the broken glass This walking talking dung pile is taking a cab to crazy town because there are green peppers on her kebabs and her spoiled little rat faced kids don't eat green things Boo-fucking-who! LADY: My kids don't eat green things They eat red pepper! EMPLOYEE: Just calm down LADY: You calm down! EMPLOYEE: We normally make it with green peppers

LADY: Okay, so usually you make it with green peppers I ordered it with red pepper What are you going to do about it? But don't worry viewers, help is on the way The hero of this story is a glass door primed with magical karma Tinkle tinkle tinkle – that's the sound of magic

LADY: This is America and you get it right the first time! LADY: You get it right the first time! LADY: Get it right the first time! LADY: Get it right the first time okay?! “Get it right the first time!” yelled the lady who can't even open a door Bravo miss, bravo! I could watch her walk into that door for hours while snacking on green pepper kebabs I'm just glad the strip club gave her the night off so she could spend some quality time with her kids I wonder how the company's new force field is coming along? Mission Accomplished! Every morning I tell myself: I am rich I am powerful

I'm an idiot covered in coffee Honestly, how stupid do you have to be to walk into a glass door when the door beside it is propped open? If this is an employee, why do I have the feeling the company eventually went bankrupt because of something he did? The first indicator that you have to use a door to exit an area is the fact there is an open door to exit through If ever in doubt of how to leave a building, doors are generally a better choice than a large piece of mounted glass Sure you might save a few seconds leaving, but you usually lose that benefit while being sewn back together in the emergency room I love this next clip

Every time I watch it I feel like Albert Einstein This lady is outsmarted by a door – yes, that makes her more dumb than a door The doors are automatic and literally open up right in front of her so there is no excuse for what happens next The sad part is, the head bonk and new concussion are just going to make her even more stupid And when you are already too stupid to walk through open doors, then you got a problem no one can fix

For her own protection she should be covered in bubble wrap and imprisoned in a Nerf room Oh every day is such a lovely day for drunk shopping at the mall I just remembered what I forgot to buy, an instruction manual on how to use a glass door Take a lesson everybody Drinking and shopping is not a good combination unless of course, you are shopping for more alcohol

I love the way he falls He stiffens up like a virgin on prom night and hits the canvass harder than Picasso Hmmm, now the instruction manual says to slowly walk in front of the dors and they will open Think I'll just run through the glass instead When I first watched this clip I wondered if he ever encountered an automatic glass door before

It's odd to think there are people who have never seen such things but it's true Then after I watched it again, I thought, hey he figured out how to get in without running through glass surely he should be able to get out Thanks for dropping by and checking out the video I hope you enjoyed it Feel free to rant and rave in the comment section below

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