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[Captions by Judy V at Y Translator] Today we are doing a part two of, Today we are doing a part two of, kids who got suspended for dumb reasons Leave a like if you are out of school or almost done So somebody sneezed, and then girl said, "bless you" And she got suspended

I'm allergic to this bullshit A senior Dyer County High School She says that her teacher disciplined her after, she said bless you when one of her fellow classmates sneezed Bro, imagine being a senior in high school and getting in trouble for saying bless you What?

was taking issue with her religion When she stood up for herself, Turner says she was told to go to the administrator's office, and later, placed in in-school suspension Over blessing someone who was sneezing I don't know how somebody could be offended by this Pastor tells me students had just talked about how to stand up for their faith, last week in church There were several students that were talking about, this particular faculty member there that was very demeaning to them, in regards to their faith

So let me get this straight, the teacher got offended when somebody, said "Bless you" because it's a religious thing, like she's offended? What? Oh no It gets worse Student sent me this picture It shows a list of words the student claims the teacher does not allow in the classroom So the teacher deadass has a list of words that you can't say

You're not allowed to say stupid, dumb, boring, stuff What the hell? Why can't you say stuff? You must be specific with the item you are referring to Billy, what is on your desk? Stuff Suspended! I don't know What? How are you gonna get in trouble for saying I don't know? What are you supposed to say? Billy, what's 1 plus 1? I don't know

Suspended The teacher rather see you get the question wrong than say I don't know Bless you is on the list Does that say hang out? Hey man, you want to hang out and do homework later? Suspended What is wrong with this teacher? A student sent me this picture

It shows a list of words the student claims the teacher does not allow in the classroom You can see bless you is on the list Turner's parents tell me school leaders claimed the outburst, was a classroom distraction that Turner shouted bless you across the room You know that's what kids do Somebody sneezes, somebody is gonna yell bless you

I don't care if it's during a test I don't care if it's while she's teaching, it's just common etiquette I don't know I don't know Suspended

This next one This girl got suspended for exposing her nasty-ass school A student snaps a picture, posted it to social media, but then gets suspended for it Suspended for posting a bathroom picture Leave a like if you took a picture in your school bathroom and got away with it

Because apparently, it's not allowed in some schools Heisel Juco says when she saw discolored water coming from the sink at school, it upset her I just took a picture of it And then fourth hour is my newspaper class, and I went and talked about it with them What the f***? Y'all see that water, that ain't water

That's straight piss It's like whatever you put in the toilet, its coming out of that sink And they want you to just shut up and wash your hands with it? The school's probably like, That's why you got soap, dumbass Obviously, anybody who sees this is going to take a picture There is something wrong

Y'all need to fix this It's doo-doo water She posted the picture on Facebook and Twitter Why? I always hope that like something good will happen We'll somehow have someone who wants to help us with money, because our school obviously doesn't have money

She gonna call it out like that My school obviously doesn't have money so like, someone gonna help out or nah? Can we talk about how good her makeup's looking right now? Like girl, you telling me you go to school every day like this? A short time later, she got called down to the office, at John Glenn High in the Wayne-Westland School District She told me that was being suspended for three days OSS for taking a picture It's inappropriate use of electronics in the restroom

You're telling me everybody can just take a selfie in the bathroom It's not because she exposed the school for having doo-doo ass water It's because she took a picture in the bathroom Inappropriate use of electronics What? Three day suspension for that? There are people taking selfies and stuff

And everyone in my school, every girl takes like selfies in the bathroom, and makes it there their profile picture on like Twitter, or Facebook, or whatever, And none, no one has gotten in trouble Exactly What if you see somebody getting their ass beat in the bathroom? What if you see thanos in your bathroom? No shit, you gonna take your phone out and take a picture, record a video, something Y'all gonna get suspended for inappropriate use of electronics Students protested by tweeting bathroom pictures they took without getting in trouble

For one, they didn't report the water issue to maintenance That's good I like how everybody's like posting pictures Like, Ha! I didn't get suspended Why don't you suspend me for posting a bathroom selfie? But now they're saying, she should have reported the water issue, instead of tweeting about it

Which yeah, she should have reported it But she should also tweet about it because why the hell not Dr [inaudible] says the rule against cell phones in bathrooms, aims to prevent inappropriate pictures of people, not building issues And the punishment is inappropriate

So the whole reason they have this rule, is so you don't take a pic of somebody doing their business But you're not allowed to take selfies either But everybody's gonna take selfies anyway And everybody's gonna use their phone in the bathroom anyways Alright, that's really not making any sense

Okay I can't I can't These schools that just like make up shit on the spot So this nine-year-old boy got suspended

Bro, this dude's name is Ron Savage Say something Savage We want our children safe Everybody agrees with that Does this toy look like a threat? The parents think the school is overreacting

Ron, you do not live up to your name Gage has a cool toy You wind it up and you spin it on the floor And this spinning top also comes with what I call a winder-upper Bro shut the hell up, it's a damn Beyblade

Y'all never heard of a Beyblade? I use to bring that to school all the time We use to have an arena and we used to like race them We use to let it rip That was my shit I didn''t know they still had them

But now, dumbass teacher's gonna be like, That's a gun Poor kids man These innocent ass kids, playing with toys that I grew up with And they gonna get in trouble for this Makes me sad

So cool, he took it to school Mom got a call at work Telling me that I have to come pick my son up from school He was playing with a toy and pointed it to a kid and was pretending it was gun, and said, bang, bang No, I'm gonna tell you right now

That's bullshit I'm not buying it Nope It's the Beyblade You let it rip

You don't bang bang it School said Gage is suspended indefinitely Mom picked Gaged up and says Gage and two other boys who were with him, said Gage never said bang bang They suspended this poor little nine-year-old playing with a toy And they said you didn't say bang bang

I called it Y'all making this shit up One of the boys asked to see that toy, and Gage said sure Asked if he could see the toy And then he started talking when I was about to give it to him, and I was like this

Oh my god, Becky Did you see what that boy just did? Was like this You better take that toy from him and suspend him He gonna be future gun user That's why my kid's getting suspended

His mom had called me and told me the situation So I actually had to miss out on school because of this ridiculous situation He didn't even use it as a gun, that's what bugs me the most Like he's just doing something else And one of the teachers got like hella triggered, like, Is that a gun? I don't see any reason like, it doesn't look like a gun

Actually Gage and two other kids at the school had both told me that the words "bang bang" were never used Nobody said bang bang His teacher probably thinking about the Principal The words bang bang going through her head And then she looked at him, and she saw the gun

She got hella triggered And she thought about bang banging the Principal after school And then accused the kid, and then he got suspended Oh no Becky, what have you done? Okay

This next one is really dumb I'm sure a lot of you guys have heard about this on Twitter But this girl got suspended for not wearing a bra, which is awful because bras suck I know if I was going to school every day, wake up at 7:00 in the morning, I wouldn't, I woudn't want to wear a bra some days too Shit's uncomfy

Imagine having a band around your rib cage and it's just squeezing and digging in, but it's like if you don't wear, then you got this problem The Ultimate School distraction A Bradenton family is questioning the Manatee County School District's dress code policy, after their daughter was told to put Band Aids on her breasts underneath her shirt So instead of giving her a bra, making her wear another shirt or something, they actually told her to put Band-Aids on her nips? Okay, that's a little f***** up Seventeen-year-old Lizzie Martin left for Braden River High School Monday morning, wearing this t-shirt and no bra

She says the Dean saw her, thought it was inappropriate And made her put a t-shirt on underneath this shirt What a thirsty ass Dean He's gonna see a high schooler not wearing a bra and be like, Are those? Is the hot in here? Or am I just thirsty? I would just not bring it up That is just so embarrassing to even mention

Lizzie says the Dean still wasn't happy She asked me to stand up and move around for her She then proceeded to tell me that it wasn't a fix, so we went to the clinic and she gave me Band-Aids in there And told me to x out my nipples What? Like those X's that strippers put on, but with Band-Aids

Bro, this beyond messed up This just sucks man Humiliated with no choices, Braden River High Junior Lizzie Martin did what she was told She says the dean thought it was necessary because her braless shirt was distracting male student Bitch, it distract anybody but you

She felt personally attacked That was just blows my mind Like a girl's gonna call out a girl for having but what girls and boys have The boys in my class were so distracted, shouldn't they have been talked to or educated about like the situation, and not me being pulled out of class? This was a shirt that was unisex That was too big, that was not form-fitting, It's a big baggy shirt

Like if I wear big baggy shirt or like a hoodie or something like, most of the time, I will not wear a bra So look, I understand Some girls, they just want to be like comfy And that's what it comes down to It's not like, I'm not wearing a bra

I am because then I will get dressed coded I know YouTube would be hella quick to dress code, and by dress code, I mean demonetised Lizzie had to cover up to keep from embarrassment But now School leaders are saying Lizzie violated the School dress code policy But there are no rules about not wearing a bra

Y'all gonna have to make up your mind Which one does she violate the dress code, or did y'all get offended when y'all saw nips? it target a male, who had excessive breast tissue and asked him to confine the movement

She says it like it is I know there are plenty of dudes out there that got excessive breast tissue And I know you could see a little jiggle, you can see a little something, something A little movement They're not gonna say anything

These are all awful, terrible Leave a like if you've never been suspended for any of these, because they're all bullshit But if you have been suspended, comment below Let me know for what And let me know if you guys want more of these videos

And make sure you subscribe, join the Wolfpack I love you guys so much Thanks for watching Bye guys [Music]

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