What cracking Guys [oh]? What is that sound? Mmm-Hmm, I think that is the sound of nobody laughing That's right, you guessed it It that time again

Funny shit the people posted to me on the Twitter and now I'm supposed to go through Completely stone-faced You know me I never laugh at anything Especially not my own jokes This time, I did my own specialty here, okay, dumb shit

I wanted the dumbest stupidest f*cking jokes imaginable Oh man I love dumb jokes I mean I hate dumb jokes They're not funny

I don't laugh So, without further ado, let's commence the not laughing hopefully I can at least get maybe halfway through I'm building a wall around New Mexico too – I don't need any new Mexicans I'm still trying to get rid of the old one That was that was not that was that was not a lau- alright

That was uh That was a – a burp all right It was complete burping right there I get I get the burps whenever I see Donald Trump I don't All right, look man I didn't fail the first one guys, you have to bargain with me all right

We have a we have a get-out-of-Jail-free card here, okay? Okay You got a bargain with me Old people are the greatest They're full of wisdom [Yeah] and experience Can I get that dare p*ssy, please? OhWhatda? That is

I don't feel good I don't know about that one there I mean if he wants to get that p*ssy

I mean, ya know, that's his own business I'm saying I know he likes cats That's obviously what he means by that Obviously nothing age-restricted [God damn] Eren's Bizarre Adventure boi Oh my goodness How fabulous I like how he's even bleeding out of his hand there That's – that's good It's got the titan going out there

That's a fabulous art style there I like how, he even looks kind of girlish Well, girlish in JoJo's fashion there – okay Look, even the girls look like men in that When you finger an Asian girl And there's rice in there Ugh – Yeah, you know the funniest thing here – all right – is that Rui ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I just saying! She is real – I'm just pointing out – oh, I'm not getting – You know what

Machiko, what's going on? Is this good? I mean that – We're family-friendly here This is – this is fine China may be using sea to hide its submarines [Noble trying real hard not to laugh moment] That's pretty dumb Yeah, of course you would put Submarines underneath water God, that is the purpose of a submarine

What else would, just, don't just float up You don't put them on the surface of the water you gotta be underneath it! The hero that Catwoman needs Batman, what are you doing? No Batman, don't go in there – oh Oh, you – You couldn't say he's eating the p*ssy cause (inaudible) P*ssy joke [man]

I am – this is high class – Well, I said dumb jokes And you're getting dumb jokes gosh darn it You're getting the classiest dumb jokes Holy fug – Little Jedi, please! when your other brother beats you in Mario Kart, and he's got a Brass knuckle switch Wiimote, [OMG] That's great! That's f*cking great Brass knuckle joycon Oh, God That's good

I mean I can actually kinda see it kind of sliding and locking on to it I can see that working out dude It's got that locking mechanism I'd beat somebody with it Who said hentai can't have a great fight scene dialogue? Oh! This is gonna get classy hopefully I don't have the age restrict this now Through messing around with you [all right

Some balls] Who are you? I'm the badest, baldest motherfucker with a mustache that you will ever see [Daaamn!] Listen fucker Mind your own business [listen fucker!?] This is my business, shit for brains [wow!] I don't like your attitude And I think it's time for me to teach you a lesson [Really?] buddy Okay, what the f*ck is this? This is a hentai? Ugly, f*cking , c*ck sucker [Lost Shit Cam] All right, That didn't count by the way, uh obviously that didn't f*cking

[wheeze] Blue-eyes White dragon I'll take three of them Of course, Kaiba Kaiba – Yeah, okay I see how that is very relatable right – very nice there Quality meme, dumb joke I know her death saddens us all, but at least now She's in Pyrrha-dise now [Triggered Mmmmm sounds] Oh god – Did you have to include

Nice This love, but at the end, I don't even know how to respond to that Okay, very nice musical remix of my butt slapping and random noises There's good

It's good I'm loving the new McDonald's ad Eat a friend, heck, eat them all! Oh, God I don't know about that one I know they're trying to catch up to sassy Wendy's now, but I think their going about it The entirely wrong way Alright what's this? His special talent Can cook minute rice in 58 seconds Top ten overpowered anime characters

Damn It's a stupid jokes that always get me – It's the stupid lies at the end God damn it I knew it was the stupid jokes that's my weakness This is why I knew I was probably gonna fail so fucking fast at this goddamn challenge I love stupid jokes man Oh, for F*ck's sake – It's not a phase, mom this is how I this is how I – This is not how I am!!! Stop it

Why do you have to – God damn I knew that was gonna be – gonna be a huge mistake when I filmed that Did you have an accident? No, bitch I'm a transformer He's literally f*ckin ass inside of his car, burst it out of it, and you're just gonna sit there and interview him? What the fuck are you doing woman? Jesus Christ, oh my God, like, have some fucking sense! It's crazy Roses are Red I wish I had a limousine 50-year old Japanese man crushed to death by 600 kilograms collection of Porn magazines [Totally lost challenge] He got crushed to death by his own porn Oh man, holy shit what a f*cking way to go Killed by the thing you love the most in the world Holy shit, dude

That's karma but at least he died happy Let's, let's go with that The best fidget toys for middle schoolers All right, I like I like where this is a – wait a minute

Where did you come from? My mom Well, he's not wrong And the academy award for [pretending to care] goes to [God] Don't know if I should put this one in here I think I just triggered a lot of people Schrodinger sugar Sugar Waitsug – sugar free – How is? How

How can you have sugar that's sugar free? If there's never there in the first place because it's in a bet – I don't know Oh God, what the hell? Found these in my cheetos Oh Lord Well, that's a – that's an elephant obviously, or just a really tiny P*nis chee-, I don't f*cking know, oh god

I feel weird eating that man I feel weird When they find out your mixtape dropping at five? It's nine hundr- It's so dumb! nine hundred thirty-six Alright Man, that sh*t is lit bro! Let me hear that sweet ass mix tape, yo! Anime girl rubbing her p*ssy – um yes, uh It's – it's not wrong A- again it – it is not wrong This is classy man These are some stupid classy jokes right now [Soup]? What? There's the female outlets, like, clothing store called soup!? Excuse- what? Where you right now? I'm at soup Which store are you in? I'm at the soup store Why are you buying clothes at the soup store!? F*ck you! like It's true after all

That one f*cking abridged series was right, there is A [soup's] clothing store God damn it You were my brother Anakin I loved you oh

oh Oh, it's so dumb It – it's so du- huhuhuh-mb Darth-Darth Marshmallow there's a joke in there I Fuck me I can't make it Cocking Fuckborough Please don't laugh at our village's funny name! [Cocking Fuckborough] Who the f*ck would name a village Cocking Fuckborough? Whoo

What? Oh my God I can't even justify that Just change the God damn village name You dumbasses! What a fine day, at Cocking Fuckborough HmM That sun is just right and I feel like I've been thoroughly brain fucked with good quality memes

Those were great, loved iteveryone Ah

Anyway Did you guys win? Because I certainly didn't Oh man, I fucking failed First one, this is [sunofabitch] [oh] You guys can leave how well you did in the comments below, you can be honest

If you laughed it's fine Nobody's Gonna hunt you down Say you're lying or not, it's cool You can admit it man Your penis doesn't get any bigger if you actually didn't laugh, it Just means, well, you're just not fun [okay] But, regardless If you guys want to do some more dank memes you can follow my twitter you can even Participate in the next one I know you guys like doing this shit

God I like it, too It's funny and anyway regardless for now Thank you guys so much for watching Maybe subscribe? Maybe like? I don't know, you can do whatever the f*ck you want And I hope to see all of you beautiful sons of guns again Next time you [crazy] mother oh

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