Master, two more! I don't want one, thanks -One more

-I'm good, thanks But you barely drank No, I'm good Cold! Go along I'm good

One more, bring it Only one more, very cold THEY DRINK TOO MUCH STUPID THINGS THAT MEN DO This place, I know you liked it but -What are you doing? -Sorry I'm talking to my wife and you bump into me -Wasn't on purpose, man -What wasn't? When I talk, you just hear Don't talk back

You must only hear when I talk to you Hey, prick He already said he's sorry Mind your business, you're the prick here -Respect his work

-You want to face me? -Is that right? -Yes, I do THEY BEHAVE AS CAVEMEN So, now I'm watching Orange is the New Black I love it, I love I find it very cool, they show boobies -I'm not liking it that much

-Oh, yeah It gets boring later, but it's very good in the beginning THEY LIE TO GET LAID The part I didn't like was the beginning

Thinking about it now, I agree with you -See? -It's true -What else do you watch? -Scrubs Do you like it? -I like it -Me too! I love it! I'm a fan

I finally managed to fuck a red head The best thing is fucking an albino girl -Ever fucked one? -No THEY BRAG ABOUT EVERYTHING We were naked on a bike and I would pedal and fuck her She was so white that she would shine in the dark

I fucked an albino along with a brunette that had her hair like an albino that would shine in the dark Talking about swing, I went to a place and there were three chicks and eight guys, I took everyone to the bedroom, forgot the chicks -and let the men fuck me -I like men But I like to pick those with phimosis I have already sent him the agreement

Wow, did you see that hot THEY BEHAVE AS CAVEMEN When he left, went through the hall and bumped into the table of a woman THEY LIKE TO SHOW OFF Betinho is something else I think we are lost -We ain't lost -How do you know? We have passed this street like ten times

THEY ALWAYS THINK THAT THEY ARE RIGHT -I know -And why are you here again? To give a coin to that beggar there, because I feel bad for him -So stupid, man How is it impossible? -What's up, man? Why hit me like that, man? -Are you crazy? -I'm just joking THEY BEHAVE AS CAVEMEN I hurt my shoulder in the gym

I know the feeling I hurt Laís these days In the gym? -No, with my dick

-Not talking about that I also know your feelings EVERYTHING IS A TOPIC TO MEASURE THE PENIS You guys are so boring 20 centimeters -What? -My dick

-I didn't ask -25 centimeters -What? -My dick I have stabbed a woman's womb before What about the Olympic Games? Sometimes I put my dick over my shoulder and I pretend to be a gas pump

You think we'll win many medals? When cold, I use my dick as a scarf -Impeachment? -They used my dick to drill a tunnel Lets change the subject, please? When little, I used my dick to jump rope My dick can cure AIDS They used my dick once to save a kid from a pit

-My dick's nickname is Nimbus 2000 -72 The bill Fuck, man Damn it

THEY WANT TO FUCK EVERYONE What the hell? So fucking hot It's going to be a joke if I don't get her Oh, my heart What is that?

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