Stupid Deaf Girl: Stories of a Deaf Woman

HI everyone, I'm Katie Murch This is my sign name

I was thinking this morning and had a flashback to an experience I haven't thought about in a long time It just popped into my head I wanted to share with you an experience I had as a Deaf person around a lot of hearing people It's a funny story I grew up mainstreamed

I was the only Deaf person in my school I had a lot of hearing friends I had Deaf friends too but they were outside my school zone I didn't have Deaf classmates I would play with my neighbors

They would learn some signs and could fingerspell a bit I still had a lot of fun with them I could read their lips So one day, I was playing baseball with them One of the girls made a call I disagreed with

We started bickering I don't remember what exactly it was about That girl got upset with me She got into my face And said, "Deaf girl, Deaf girl, Deaf girl," with such an attitude

The other hearing people laughed along with her I was really disgusted with them Honestly, really? So I said back to her, "hearing girl, hearing girl, hearing girl" I ended up going home I thought it was really stupid And sure enough, I would notice that the girls on the bus that we used to go to and from school started picking on me for a week

I was taken aback because I really didn't do anything and they were picking on me I started ignoring them and doing my homework on the bus I would arrive home and play on the computer, developed some codes I was a major computer geek That girl who said, "Deaf girl,"''s sister was on the bus since she was in my class

The younger sister wasn't on the bus at all These girls were picking on me for the whole week One afternoon, I noticed that their behavior was different They were smiling and being friendly when all week they had been mean and giving me looks They sat in the back of the bus

I sat in the front I knew something was up Sure enough, two of the girls ran up to the front of the bus and sat next to me They were saying things like, "hi Katie How are you?" So very, very, very nice

You know what I mean? At that point, I knew for sure something was up I played it cool I answered and engaged in small talk with them Then they said, "Hey! I want to learn more sign language" I knew they were up to no good so I played along, "sure, what would you like to know?" "I want to learn how to sign

" "s-m-a-r-t"? I said, "oh!" and showed them the sign for "stupid" They liked it then asked how they could sign "s-t-u-p-i-d" I said, "oh!" and showed them the sign for "smart" They got so excited, looked at each other and tried to say in sign langauge "you're smart, I'm stupid" They laughed and ran back to the bus They laughed so hard

I sat in the front cracking up Laughing and laughing They stopped and looked at me, wondering why I was laughing Champ Deaf that!

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