Funniest Live TV News Interviews Gone Wrong

I just killed haney I'm ducking and everything [God] did in the house

I'm I got scared I dropped my hot pocket Can I ask you if you won all the money? What would you do with it? Bunch of hookers and cocaine Oh Okay, that's not good (laugh) We were hoping for a different answer That's probably not the answer that we're looking for Well the sign says [that] it's four quarters for an hour, but a quarter only gets you 15 minutes

So if my math is correct That's not an hour That's not an hour, but it is and also *A quarter and fifteen minutes* And also my mom thinks I'm a baby so I can't walk to school sometimes and also I should think I need a protective gear when I need to ride a bike you probably do I think I agree with you I know [how] to ride a bike already even without Protective gear did you really snatch an 86 year old woman's purse she won't hurt me and Don't even know me [I] hope that they beat at telling the women in prison beater everyday, [but] long as she's in there Some people might say that's harsh well, so what was she did me was even worse I'm supposed to feel sorry for that b**** [I] don't tell my son kill him all that with the gun if you can get on my house I'm gonna put the gun [out] on [my] guess you ain't think it's a real gun cuz he He didn't worry about he just kept on walking when he's come downstairs and told me he's Gonna kill me if [y'all] that I shot through a hamper that is caring and once it was a full metal jacket Bullet [I] Went straight to her bagging him [late] He started crying like a little baby [Joe] Why did you come so early this morning man? Why reason why come so early then to celebrate Martin Luther king birthday come across I feel it's really good To call cursing on because you know when Walter king birthday ball comes on January I would say it's important to always call me celebrate They bring more about the pain birthday cup sincerely instant [boy], and it's good my friend came Trudeau She said well I was on the phone cooking me and my baby some breakfast and she said hey something wrong is [poppin] So why she said yeah? I said no, so the girl come downstairs She come out her partner with her baby with no shoes on oh girls cold outside [she] said how many wait I said I'm interested

[oh] man the building is on fire No, I got my three kids that we bounced Oh, oh, we will be no fired not to do Sir, can you please tell us what happened? [you] know I'm in a room Chillin kidding like I usually do drinking and somebody shot right through my back window Hit me in the chest And I'm like shit get my son out the room and I want to be tripping over his like I love Petty [woman] You know I need tripping though Absolutely, so you did show me on your chest where you were shot Are we able to see that right now, er Okay, so what do do we know what happened? [you] know who do you know why they would have done this oh no? What's going on? Man? I just know news fighters when we did like also other stuff [oh], no, all right well I'm here, and what's your name? Devon all right

Well I'm just talk to devon and I can't believe all that just happened well I just had got noon feeding my chickens [watered] them and stuff and I walked back to [my] house to get my phone So I could play a video game on it now a sudden I heard a big boom I looked back at my door and electric pole feeling lines with filing in The jail cacklers sideways into the fence and [a] guy come out screaming and squalling and [uh] running around About like a chicken with head cut off I told him you need [to] get out [at] water, but say I didn't know he's getting heat up a [baby] I thought he's just [high] that girl in that little bikini [children] red [dog] [fell] over here They [learned] their lesson [that's] a bad day They are if I feel like my leg feel that way there are what is your? Your dad and what not think about all this because I'm sure that he's an athlete is he an athlete your dad Yeah, but that wasn't athlete but now he's I'm pretty fat Is it do you [think] like two layers of ice cream every single no? Marysol Hammer once And then he used to get really angry at mom because [monkey] noise [bar] for him Yeah living mom, but Wednesday I got really angry monks are buying it for him all the time [Lucky's] got into Fiery slaw how about your Dad now? Um but but dad um he's actually lost on 20 kilograms since Christmas yeah Being so healthy because I've been inspired by sally [yeah], he's dusting cucumbers in five since Christmas and now he's like [81] [oh] How did it happen um yeah? You know we had a few odd man rush there in the first period Which was a not good for us But I mean everyone had their nerves go and everything like that And then which we were glad to just keep him to want and everything like that and then we went back [in] the after the period in the lock room just Talked about what we need to fix and everything like that stick to the game plan get back on it, and everything like that So just pay it off stick to the game plan you know Stiffen up defense and everything like that No, [pinches] everything like that you moving on to the semifinals your uncle stu played here a while back I think 20 years ago with Alexandria Did you get any advice from him coming in here to the tournament? [I] mean, I got nice long text from this morning saying don't let the atmosphere You know get your nerves shaking up and everything like that

Just play your game Which is what I try to do out here and everything like that, so Yeah, definitely helped from women everything like that moving on to the semifinals you get stillwater your initial thoughts of the big matchup it should Be a great game I can't wait to play them I know they're doing good only one loss on the season I believe and everything like that, and we're ready from flossy you say you're a little tired this morning Is that right? I am tired Is very tired that's actually I heard your favorite activity to do at the center here is to take take a little nap Take a nap many times again You sound like a very busy lady Yes, later today flossie's family is going to be coming out here to throw you a big birthday party

Are you excited for your party? Not one bit Would you right you would rather be takin a nap? [huh]? Flossie the people on TV [want] to know what the secret is to being able to live so long [I] Don't know it all fighters Ida live it She doesn't fight it She lives [it] any secret food or anything We can all be eaten every day to stay alive as long as you Know I heard a big noise Sounding like a [treasure] What in the world is that so I was gonna get a dS And now you ain't Isa

[I] said, what is that out? He sets a tornado So he left a witness up and help me dad in the seat, and I was hiding Jesus Jesus Jesus if it was down, and it went up and went right over my van Thank you [lord], but that's what happened You come right [over] my head I can't even imagine the feelings you guys must have been going through so you actually helped her get her down right alan yeah I told her to lay down and I covered her over Have you guys ever been through a tornado before I never seen one in my life? When you look around at all the damage I mean what what is [what] kind of damage if you guys seen it was just [sir] I never stopped trying [I] guess we're done took up who it was flying out in the air so went to grab behind the slaughterhouse Then it went up didn't come back down and they then went on around when you look down at yourselves And you see that you're okay What what goes through your mind seeing that you're [alright] that God had to angel over us, and that's what I see God is good cause that bandit tipped it a little bit and that tornado just went over there cause it came straight to us And when I said Jesus jesus, jesus that tornado went up over his bed What happened? [oh], well It's really quite funny I was always in bed sleeping at the toolbox more than me wife comes in and says oh the shops [pienaar] someone ran into the shop And I said oh what so jumped out of bed and all I had was me and these on the walk out the front [I'll] [see] [now] the car smashed in I seen the blake walking back to the car

Oh well I tried stopping even say a mate you like don't be taken off like you've just crashed into the shop Oh even guys how I might I fell asleep behind the wheel and I'm like yeah, [right] I might well you still don't explain the scene, and he guys don't be here I [might] know what the trouble [is] [out] here I wasn't trying to be a hero I was just that I [chased] [him] down the [street] and It was supposed to stop and he just decided he'd scoot up the road not just hit nice so going on like that mate you ran down the Street in [your] jocks yeah in the undies Yeah, correct chased him down the street me undies and then he started getting too far I'm like Oh well I better catch up to him quicker and come back home got the car and Started chasing you got the street my little purple car and then he went down a side Street And the police were coming and I flash Em and set them off in the direction him There you go [a] possible career in law enforcement Uh who are you doing? Oh? Yeah, well it's a head start isn't it But mate all I had was me jokes Oh, no

I was chasing about the [strain] [I'm] just like mate what? Cuz you told me that this is your [mate] [shot], and you didn't want him to get away No no, it's it well me mates mums had this shot for like 40 odd years and Look at it Look at it Now I'm not [Gonna] Ask you if you've committed any crimes But I you expect lord for your amazing neighborhood watch work here this morning Yeah, handshake from me mate

I got it this morning Oh wouldn't you like to live next door to Daniel? Yeah, thanks a lot [and] daniel has just become the local neighborhood hero here ah sign that Now go watch that guy needs his own [shirt] [you] doesn't it Sign him up that's one of your best interviews ever Michelle back in Sydney would you like your own shower? [uh] if we're Gonna be of coffee, I will You know all good superheroes wear their jocks on the outside, so it kind of fits the brief yeah, I'm the poem yeah, but all I had nothing on Barmy jocks [ah] Yeah, later You missed that bit of the unifor, but that's okay You're a hero in our eyes Daniel yeah cheers

Thanks a lot guys What you can achieve in [your] underwear um we've been down at options tavern at a study using single It's party and beautiful [ride] and so to walk in the server I get some noodles and when to jump over a side on the wire slip divert and bust of a blogger So you've got a [busted] blogger It's secret [good] shorts fuck what are you saying that's happening at the servo, so [Freddy] is pretty pretty concerned about of a blowout I had and I looked up and he Looked up and saw Sir walk Commodore polite tip like switch shirts right in their faces, and [yeah], then sort of thoughts up It's a bit sauce I'd better go and check it out, okay [you] look like you got you look like you got reasonable gums you've been working out in the gym you that you look reasonable, buddy Why don't [I] go to the gym? I've been to the gym in years I need you my go-to is Jim Beam

[that's] a bit Soggy [here], I gotta ask I understand you're married What it what did your wife make of all this when you got home and follow what had happened? Oh? I'm not actually married as yet That was my manager That hacked my Facebook enough But um she was she was more concerned that I break the brainy [Para] [pluggers] that she bought me on Thursday of course Hey James Have you managed to get yourself a new pair of pluggers? Yeah? Made of um I've got the team [oh] [dang] his fishing team They're gonna sort me out with [Sam] um what was your internet marketing self amir? The who that takes the team what team mutt daggers look him up on [Facebook] and give him a lot you had to uh That was gooding stage, and I thought well, just let it go through to the [creeper] You're the reason I came away from all of It doesn't get any better

I can't run much That's our show for the year

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