5 Belt Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid | Rules For Wearing Belts & When To Go Beltless

5 Belt Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid Rules For Wearing Belts & When To Go Beltless [0:00:00] Belt versus no belt? Seems simple, right? Well, guys, in today’s video I’ve got five situations which it’s not so clear and if you mess this up you’re not going to look too smart Are you ready guys? Let’s get into it

[Music] Situation number one Your leathers don’t match So, it’s a basic rule in men’s style that your shoe leather should match your belt leather But, what happens when you don’t have an exact match, you don’t have a matching belt, should you opt not to wear the belt? First question you want to ask is can you actually wear the pants wear the trousers without the belt If they start to fall down, it doesn’t matter what color that belt is what style, you have better wear the belt

Because nothing looks worse than your pants falling down in the middle of a presentation or when you’re walking – no one wants to see you having to pull you pants up So, yes, wear the belt even if it’s not a clean match But, you want to try to find something and it’s worth investing in some belts that are close and a light brown, dark brown If you’ve got oxblood, go for oxblood, but invest in some great belts Try to get something close

It doesn’t have to be an exact match And if you can’t get even close to an exact match, then go for something that in no way is a match So, this is where you want to go for more casual style, but this combination is going to work great together, they don’t match at all And this is where you learn to bend the rule of your leathers matching the leathers Now, you may be wondering, Antonio, where did you get those beautiful belts? Guys, go check them out at Anson Belt and Buckle

I’m linking to them down in the description They are the paid sponsor of today’s video And for over seven years I have been working with this company, I’ve known the founders and I am proud to support them Why? Because they’re a family-run business that treats their customers like gold Guys, I can tell you their customer service bar none is some the best out there

When people buy their product, they sometimes call them When people actually damaged the product and it’s their fault, they replace them This is the kind of company that I love to bring you guys, one that stands behind their product and their customers And, again, I know these guys personally they’re a family-run business Oh, and the by the way that first problem wouldn’t have been an issue if you invested in an Anson Belt system

Yes, this is one of my favorite parts about this guys is that you can take multiple belt straps and take the same buckle and it’s all interchangeable So, think about that, you’ve got three different straps right here You have maybe three different types of buckles right in here and you can interchange this That’s nine combinations I mean it’s really it’s a no-brainer especially if you’ve got a wide variety of shoe colors, you want to be able to match those leathers, and you want to avoid a lot of the other problems and scenarios I’m about to talk about

Guys, Anson Belt and Buckle they’re friggin awesome I don’t know what else to say Go check them out I’m linking to them down in the description Scenario number two

My jeans fit great Why do I need to wear a belt? This is a great question And you don’t always have to wear a belt even if you’ve got belt loops if it fits correctly That’s the key, your pants need to fit correctly Getting back to that earlier point nobody wants to see your pants falling down

So, assuming that there’s a great fit, when can you actually wear them without a belt whether they’d be jeans, whether they’d be dress pants? It is really pertains to is anybody going to see this? So, if you’re wearing this as a suit you have a jacket over it, you don’t have to wear a belt Assuming that the trousers, again, fits you well because nobody is going to see it Some guys prefer it, maybe it’s more comfortable for them whatever it may be The same with jeans, if you’re going to wear a shirt untucked, if you’re going to wear a sports jacket with a jeans, you can get away without wearing a belt Whoa! Whoa, Antonio are you saying that if I tuck any shirt in with my jeans, I need to wear a belt? And my answer is yes

And the reason being is it just doesn’t look complete It’s like wearing sports jacket without a pocket square A belt completes the look Now, you don’t have to go with anything boring, you can have fun you can turn it into an accessory and you can make it part of your style or you can just bring in something that’s simple and classic At the end of the days guys if the pants have belt loops if they are going to be seen, then wear a belt with it

Next up, gents, let’s talk about a belt size Not all belts are created equal Some are going to be thicker, some are going to be thinner, some are going to be longer, some are going to be shorter At the end of the day, find the right belt size for you But, how do you do that? So, with a dress belt, we’re talking 1 to 1

25 inches Now, when it comes to the length point in which once you buckle it you want to have about 5 inches of material give or take an inch depends on usually your size and proportions A man 6’5”, he can have 6 to 7 inches If a man is about 5’2”, he probably wants to have 4 to 3 inches of excess material going off the end Now, this belt right here is going to be a casual belt

This belt is over 15, it’s about 175 inches in diameter, but anything over 15 inches is going to be casual The same thing the same rules apply to the end

You want to have 5 to 6 inches here in the length, but give or take an inch depending on your size [0:05:02] Situation number four You just picked up a beautiful pair of suspenders You love the look, you’re excited to wear them, you think they’re going to look great Well, guess what? Oxblood, oxblood belt

Can I combine the two? The answer is no Choose one or the other Suspenders are made to hold up your pant, belts are made to hold up your pants You don’t need to double it up there Now, the only combination of suspenders and belts that work are for the working professional

Whenever you want to basically you carrying a heavy tool belt and you want to distribute the weight onto your shoulders that make sense But for the vast majority of us, no, choose one or the other Now, how do you that? You’re saying, Antonio, but you said if we’ve got belt loops on here, I have to wear a belt or in the case if it’s a pair of dress trousers, what you have is you go through there and you get this removed Very easy to do and look great Then, the suspender combination is going to look awesome, but you don’t want to wear them together

Wait, Antonio what if I want to combine suspenders with jeans? My answer is just don’t do it Now, if you’re really fashion-forward you want to ignore my advice, I guess go for it, but jeans are not made to be worn with suspenders Why? The rise on a pair of jeans which is the measurement from the bottom of the crotch area to the top is too short Jeans are made to be worn with a belt Now, there are many trousers out there that are going to have a higher rise, they will look great with a pair of suspenders

Now, let’s talk about belt buckles The general rule is the simpler the buckle the more formal it is So, on the opposite side of formal, we have belt buckles which grab a lot of attention Big round Western belt buckles that you went in that Rodeo in Pecos, Texas Yes, that is a casual belt buckle

This belt buckle right here, this is a casual belt buckle Anything that has certain stones on it and precious metals draws a lot of attention to it is larger, this is going to be casual So, on the far end of dressy belt buckles, what are we going to see? This right here, classic dress belt buckle right there, very simple You’re going to see a company like Anson put together something like this This is a fine dress buckle right there

Now, note the simplicity rule I talked about at the beginning of this point doesn’t always hold This belt buckle, classic dress belt buckle, this one right here because of its oversize, it’s larger proportion this is going to be more towards the casual side The additional metal right here also makes it more casual All right, gents, those are my guidelines to making sure that you look great when you’re wearing a belt If I missed anything, let me know down in the comments

I’m going to be reading them, checking them out And, guys, go check out Anson Belt and Buckle, one of my favorite companies because I’ve gotten to know them I know the way they take care of you guys The great customer service, the superior product, their belt system, I mean you’ve got to just love this company I’m linking to them down in the description

Go check them out That’s it guys Take care I appreciate you I appreciate everything we built here at Real Men Real Style

And that’s it, guys, Take care I’ll see you in the next video [Music] [0:08:19] End of Audio

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