Stupid Game Show Answers – Say What?!

[SGSA theme music] [Contestant]: I'm gonna go with B: Kilobytes Final answer? Final answer

[Confirmed answer sound effect] [Drum roll] I'm a fat man, Regis My heart can't take it! [Audience laughs] I'm just trying to help you sweat off a few pounds! [Gene]: Speaking of Bazzums [Audience chuckles] Fannie, would you show us yours? Well, I said earlier

[Everyone laughs] [Host]: Say, Marty We know you're from Pittsburg, right? Yeah, Pittsburgh [Muted audience applause] [Host]: OK

Now what does a person Uh, what does a person from Philadelphia dunk his pretzel in? A girl from New Jersey! [Laughs] [Audience laughs and applauds] Mom number three: What is it about your daughter that reminds you of yourself when you were dating? Wellthere is not too much that reminds me of myself when I was datingexcept maybe she likes to park [Audience laughs] [Host]: How long have you known this? Oh, for at least two years [Audience laughs] [Host]:

when a man falls out of your boat and into the water, you should yell: Man overboard! Now what should you yell if a woman falls overboard? Full speed ahead! [Audience laughs and applauds] the most fulfilling job ever, to be a mother [Host]: I have, uhwe have five of our own, so, uh

[Contestant]: Yeah, you've got some pretty fast sperm, huh? [Audience laughs] Five shots! You say Osmond, it's swimming [Audience laughs] [Bob]: you are the clumsiest son of a gun in the world in the bedroom [Audience chuckles] Oh, sheshe tell you 'bout the dog? It was an accident! Nono, no [Audience laughs] [Bob]: What happened? The dog did it on the floor

And I didn't want nobody instead so I picked it up and put it in my pocket real fast [Audience laughs] I washed my hands after that, now! I washed my hands and II took

I took a shower andI put theshorts in the dirty closet Boy, he is clumsy in the bedroom, isn't he? [Audience laughs] [SGSA theme music]

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