Stupid Jokes

*Fart* What's crackin guys! Yesterday's themes are-just: "The Stupidest Jokes You Can Imagine" However this time Noble is gonna get just a

A teensy bit more class and NOT be the one to laugh at EVERY single stupid joke that there is *Noble's viewer impersonation* "What's that? You say it's impossible noble?" "You never won anything in your life!" *Gets out of impression* Yeah, you're correct But you know what? Maybe one day Maybe this is the day, that Noble succeeds at something in his lifeOther than looking at anime boobies for his job So why don't you all come along here and look at some stupid jokes with me together and see how well you last? let's go!!! Well apparently here's a "funny" All right

What's so funny about it Huh? OhGuns? Oh

All right Oh! Apparently they're taking out- why are they taking out- like, these Korean Idols- Oh, she missed? Ok She just keeps going down! That poor girl! Why are they all fallin? Alright

Some kawaii girls shooting at stuff thereInteresting

*Reading* "Midoriya and Bakugou are the anime equivalent of Dinkleberg and MrTurner" "Kacchan!" "Deku" All right I can actually see that and that's Quite hysterical I don't know why Kacchan hates Deku so much sometimes

It's just he wants to be the best and Deku's ruining his moment there I get itI get it But still not laughing! *Reading* How that popular girl at school sees herself vs how everyone else sees her Alright so

A cup boy? aaand Oh Well that's a different kind of cup there I see I

HmmmHmmI "Unt?" what does "unt" for? Hmm? Hmm I must be missing the joke here

Obviously *Reading* "Unrealistic male body standards" "Then" He-man and "Now" "What happened?!" No! No! You're not getting me with that! You are NOT getting ME with this stinkin TRAPS, yo! Oh, that was good though The He-man though! Uh

I think I have that That wonderful He-man thing goin-There was once Just something out thereSome video that made me look like He-man

We're not gonna bring that up again Let's not bring that up again *Reading* Mister Spooky Lama? What's going on here? What-what is this? Oh

Oh Well that was easy What the heck is all this?-Uses a bat

That is nOT HOW YOU SHUT IT DOWN WITH A BAT! That is SO dumb! That is SO dumb! To just-WEB SLING-"you'll never get"-and then just swipes it and just uses a bat to sh- That's SO dumb!!! It's exactly what I asked for, but it's so Dumb I CAN'T!!! *Reading* "What you see" "Versus what she sees" I can't believe you turned my shirt into something like that! That was not even THAT WAS'NT EVEN- inappropriate to begin with artwork there! That was just an adorable shirt- YOU!!! >:P It was actually well played there Mr Delta That was actually really well played what you did there Obviously- Gosh darn it *Reading* "I'm not high

" Alright, you got a sink And then you got THIS- It DOES look EXACTLY like the squirrel from Ice Age! WHAT IS THAT?! It's actually kind of scary how close that looks there I never thought a sink would be like the squirrel from Ice Age

Man that's a weird man But by the way- What ice age are they at now? Like, are they on like five? Is-is it gonna be like the new Land Before Time thing? That thing needs to stop "Angry husband fills wife's car with concrete after she changed her surname""I hope she takes him to court she has concrete evidence" NO! No, you're not getting me with that

You're not getting me with the terrible pun Mister! You're not getting me with that STUPID pun "When everybody calls you a useless goddess" Poor Aqua! Poor-that's actually a really good cosplay! Um

It's actually a really good cosplay! I'm not gonna lie That's that's pretty dope "Noble, I found that meme made about you!" Oh, let's see it! Aw he's got a girl! There's the guy! and it's his 2D monitor screen Oh Oh-you're like-oh you're like that? Oh Yeah Oh you're like that aren't you? Alright that's cool guys That's cool- HA! HA HA HA HA!!! Ha-yeah, I lost the challenge with that one! Ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah funny "Oh they seem to be very good friends" What is this "Elders React To Full Metal Alchemist Nina Memes???" If that video ACTUALLY does exist I would actually kinda like to see that, I'm not gonna lie

I would-I would actually really like to see that video! Of course outfit What is with that bitchin thing guy? I don't pitch it It's not a pigeon It's like a seagull or something there I don't there's such a funny freaking me that someone has made and I love it I love that stupid bird ten out of ten bird Oh yes fullmetal alchemist and it's the maryam rut – Fuck man activist am I your brother's the end with Eric brothers

It's swinging from side to side Let's turn Mario when threatened the Pope can spray holy venom up to 25 feet Nope Nope, nope nope no You didn't give me there What what What is that thing? Why does it look like a potato chip for something god? I don't understand I don't understand He's a dinosaur all right They asked me why I killed them

I said why not oh? No No no no Why isn't it the Pokemon thing? It's so dumb Oh wait that was the point of this that's right It was supposed to be dumb ok carry on Carry on when you had your hand up for ages in class and the teacher helps someone else my question first All right, I get back to I like honestly yeah that that does bug me sometimes But you're like it big old white and then she calls on someone next to that just raise your head You're like boy boy mm boy, New York's under attack ah That doesn't count right that was more of like a sarcastic joke that was more of a sarcastic Cackle if you will and that's just a terrible plan At least it's not attack on Titan That's that's the one joke that I was expecting well hello there welcome to the wild of Pokemon now Tell me are you a boy, or are you a girl? And it's an attack helicopter All this time I've been telling you guys they tagged Ella copter gender is real and no one believe me You're triggering me I'm an attack helicopter helicopter helicopter When your opponent keeps using potions, and you have to use drastic measures That's actually try to get there Pikachu here with a dead no peek ah What the heck? I've always wanted to own a purebred whores oh No No, no Nobody's dumb, then it's stupid times that this – doofus dad joke I've ever heard so far Why did you do that? You're disgusting it always brings a tear to my eyes sink team seven all grown up yeah, man Naruto some Sasuke Hey I'd say that's an accurate chart

I'd say I said that's an accurate chart It's pretty good alright some pain And we're going into is Ren and gone And – ba ba ba ba that's all look oh no I never thought actually look like that Looney Tunes thing until now It's actually pretty Club That's pretty clever It's a pretty clever man Please end my misery It's the dumbest joke it's so dumb I love it I Like how there's a little smiley face – oh it's so dumb Irish girl sunbathing No, not her the other one wait

Where's the other? I Didn't sear I did it zero Mike You got me you got me with that one man, my boyfriend has a huge Boop I can't stick it all my mouth What do I do? That is not what you do that is No Oh, it's always the Pokemon isn't it it's always the poke of wine Oh God It's Alright, and I guess we'll call it there Have you had enough stupid jokes to fill you for one day I hope you have And yeah, there was the Irish one really got me there, and I just kind of gave up at that point But I feel like I've been proving I feel like I'm getting better

I'm getting through all these ribs are not laughing one day I'm improving I'm gonna make it to the end and you're all gonna be like Noble you won Where you live for now you guys can tell me how well you did did you make it all the way through? Did you laugh did you did you know? I mean if you didn't I mean that's cool You know you don't have to laugh in my videos I don't expect you to laugh, or have a good time, so I got one but Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it You can tell you friends brag out while you did in the comments below And I hope to see all of you- -beautiful son a guns again next time! *Outro Song* (Behind Closed Doors by Otis Mcdonald)

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