Are pretty people stupid?

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Woot woot!' Woot woot indeed because hopefully by the time this video reaches your eyeballs it will 100,000 subscribers in which case 100,000 thank skews Thank skews, I just said thank scuse and now I just said thanks scuse If it's not 100,000 yet well 100,000 thanks skews anyway I got a gratitude attitude I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween, please tell me what you dressed up as

I dressed up as sexy Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and here is my gavel to prove it This week on Stuff Mom Never Told You I first looked at how often men really think about sex Followed up with how people tend to react differently to male celebrity feminists versus female celebrity feminists which makes me go hmmmm Then on Friday to celebrate Halloween it was '5 wicked facts about witches' Broomsticks will never be the same

Now onto Ask Cristen first of all thanks to everybody who watched and commented on last week's Ask Cristen video 'Why do girls wear makeup?' I was curious to hear from trans people about their thoughts on makeup and how it relates to gender identity Cameron Williams said, 'I'm a trans man and I almost always wear at least some makeup Now I've transitioned to the point where nobody thinks I'm a cis woman day-to-day and I don't have to worry about "passing" so I wear it as often as possible Additionally on hormone replacement therapy, trans men tend to get quite spotty and although I never broke out very badly at least a little concealer was vital day-to-day' Thanks Cameron

Enurvack said, 'As a Genderqueer person who doesn't have much access to women's clothing in my size, makeup tends to be the only way for me to outwardly express my gender I love how different I can make myself look like any other sort of body modification except I can wash mine off at the end of the day' I think that is a lot of why women do enjoy using makeup and experimenting around with makeup because it is a type of body modification that you can change up Along similar lines this week's Ask Cristen question is coming from Mish Shell, 'Can you talk about how people automatically assume that just because someone is good looking that he or she is stupid?' What's interesting about this question of why do we think that really attractive people are really not-so-intelligent is that when it comes to psychological studies and peoples' perceptions of attractive people, it's actually just the opposite We tend to ascribe more positive traits including intelligence to the more attractive folks around us and this is something that psychologists call 'the halo effect'

We extrapolate these lovely features that we see onto things that we cannot see, such as having social skills or being really good in school or being really great in the business world Which is why there is this thing called 'the beauty premium' that economists and psychologists talk about in terms of how statistically hotter people do better in the workplace There is one study I found which did come out in the eighties so it is a little bit dated But it found that there was an attractiveness ceiling for this kind of halo effect When people are super-duper hot, like—we're likelier to downplay all of those other attributes around them possibly because we are maybe a little bit jealous

It might also be notable that this question is coming from a female viewer rather that a male viewer because there was a recent study that came out in June 2014 which found that while people are pretty good at judging a guy's intelligence based on what his face looks like, when they did the same experiment for female faces, we had a lot harder time and I'm saying we as if I was all of the participant's in the study assessing a woman's intelligence based-off of her face I wonder if this has something to do with something that another researcher in a separate study called the dumb blonde hypothesis and what this separate study did was examine how successful people's job applications were when they included photographs of themselves If super handsome guys included photos of themselves with their job applications they were much likelier to get a callback whereas if really attractive women included photos of themselves with their job applications they were much less likelier to get a callback because of what that researcher termed the dumb blonde hypothesis, that assumption that Mish Shell is asking about I do think that there is a very similar stereotype focused on men but I think that it's not so much the hotness of his face but rather the muscularity of his body that can incite a similar kind of dumb blonde effect in our brains Most surprising to me was that the research upheld just the opposite rather than confirming oh yeah yeah yeah totally this dumb blonde and/or meat-head effect is in full swing when we see really attractive and really fit people but rather it was all about this connection between beauty and brains

Keeping in mind that there have been studies confirming that yes in fact more attractive people are more intelligent but those studies have been called into question and this most recent study in pLos one that I just referenced from June 2014 found no relationship whatsoever between those morphological traits ie how our face parts are all put together and actual intelligence Keep in mind too that this does nothing to address the other stereotype of the unattractive nerd Now I need your help to unpack all of these stereotypes about perception and attractiveness and intelligence

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and as always ask me your questions so me and my shirts covered in panda bears can give you some answers

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