50 Dumbest Laws From American States

From laws regarding giraffes and fishing to restrictions on underwater whistling we count 50 dumb laws in 50 American states 50 Alabama – It is completely fine and legal to drive the wrong way down a one-way street as long as you have a lantern attached to the front of your car

49 Flamingo owners beware: in the state of Alaska and the City of Juneau you aren’t allowed to bring your pet into a barber shop 48 In a rather prude law, the state of Arizona forbids you to have more than two dildos in a house, regardless of how many people live there 47 Arkansas seems to be a bit sensitive about their name because it’s strictly prohibited to pronounce ‘Arkansas’ incorrectly when in the state 46 In California it’s illegal to shoot at any kind of game from a moving vehicle, of course, unless you’re harpooning whales, that’s completely fine 45 The city of Denver in Colorado prevents you from lending your vacuum cleaner to your next-door neighbour, the guy two blocks down through? That’s completely fine

44 Connecticut – Emos, coke lovers and people that like to shave beware, because it’s illegal to dispose of used razor blades 43 Now we’re into the realm of the oddly specific again, in Delaware you’re not allowed to serve Alcohol in a nightclub if anyone within the premise is dancing 42 And now we have something incredibly vague: in Florida one may not commit any ‘unnatural acts’ with another person 41 If you’ve got a potty mouth you might want to avoid working at a funeral home because in Georgia it’s illegal to use profanity in front of a dead body that’s in a funeral home or a coroner’s office 40 Hawaii proves to be no fun in this law because it’s illegal to have more than one alcoholic beverage in front of you at a time 39 Ever feel like going fishing whilst riding a Giraffe? No? Well someone must have because the act of fishing whilst on the back of a Giraffe is illegal in Boise City, Idaho 38 Want your car to smell nice? Too bad Illinoisans, because it’s illegal to hang “obstructions” in from the rear view mirror, this includes air fresheners, GPS units and knick-knacks

37 Hipster lovers should avoid Indiana because moustaches are illegal if the bearer habitually kisses other humans 36 If you love playing the piano and you’re unfortunate enough to only have one arm you aren’t allowed to charge for your piano-playing skills in Iowa 35 Kansas state law prevents you from using a mule, of all animals, to hunt ducks; the use of mules in hunting other animals, however, is allowed 34 In Kentucky you aren’t allowed to dye a duckling blue and offer it for sale unless more than six are for sale at once 33 This one is kind of innocent in a weird way: You can go to jail for up to a year for making a false promise in the state of Louisiana

32 Maine – This law should be everywhere: after January 14th you will receive a fine for still having your Christmas decorations up 31 The Maryland board of tourism hates this one: Oral sex can’t be given or received anywhere, by anyone in Maryland 30 Looks like you’re going to have to let Donkey Kong sit in the front in Massachusetts because gorillas are forbidden to sit in the back seat of any car 29 It’s illegal for a woman to cut her own hair without her husband’s permission in Michigan, sorry unmarried ladies, guess you’ll have to go to the hairdresser 28 Minnesota – Loiterers beware: it’s illegal to stand around any building without a ‘good reason’ to do so

27 If you’re running late for work, didn’t have time to shave and you’re in the car on Tylertown, Mississippi’s main street keep in mind that it’s illegal to shave in the centre of Main Street 26 I’m guessing Missouri’s population was declining at some point because single men between the ages of twenty-one and fifty must pay an annual tax of one whole dollar whilst living in the state of Missouri 25 The kinkier inclined of us should avoid Montana because it’s illegal to have sex in any other position other than missionary style when you’re in the state 24 Those Nebraskans sure do love their soup as it’s illegal for bar owners to sell beer unless they’re also brewing a kettle of soup at the same time 23 Nevada – If someone shoots your dog and you want revenge you’re in luck because it’s still legal to hang someone for shooting your dog on your property

22 If you just can’t control your rhythmic movements you should stay the hell away from New Hampshire because whilst in the state you can’t tap your feet, nod your head, or keep time to the music in any way while in a tavern, restaurant, or cafe 21 Real men fish, not sew and the state of New Jersey agrees because it’s illegal for a man to knit during the fishing season 20 On your way to school in Las Cruces, New Mexico? Make sure to avoid Main Street because it’s illegal to carry a lunchbox when you’re walking down there 19 New York – Another rule I wish was everywhere, while riding in an elevator, one must talk to no one, fold his hands and look at the door for the duration of the trip 18 North Carolina – Wanna quick and easy way to get married? Forget Las Vegas; if a man and a woman pretend to be married on a hotel or motel register then, according to state law, they are legally married

17 In the state of North Dakota it is forbidden and unlawful to lie down and fall asleep whilst wearing shoes 16 Yes it might sound like it could be fun, but you really shouldn’t get a fish drunk in the state of Ohio because it is illegal 15 The problem with Oklahoma is that you can’t bring your fish whilst it’s in a fishbowl while you’re on a public bus 14 Michael Jackson and Krispy Kreme enthusiasts should avoid the city of Marion in Oregon as you can’t eat a doughnut and walk backwards when you’re on a city street 13 In the state of Rhode Island you’re not allowed to sell toothpaste and a toothbrush to the same customer on a Sunday

12 I don’t even know what to say Pennsylvania, why is it illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator outdoors? Where’s the freedom in restricting such a common pass-time? 11 Something you may not know about me, but I’m a licensed fortune teller in the state of South Carolina, not because I wanted to but because if you want to tell someone’s fortune you need to have a licence 10 It is unlawful and forbidden to lie down and fall asleep in a cheese factory in the state of South Dakota 9 Want to share your Netflix account when you’re in Tennessee, better find a way to do it without sharing your password because that, my friend, is illegal 8 If you get brain damage and can no longer see but your eyes are still fine you may be tempted to sell them to someone in need, which is good and all just make sure not to do it in Texas because it’s illegal over there

7 You really should move out of Utah if you’re lactose intolerant because it is a legal requirement to drink milk 6 Vermont – Women must obtain a written permission slip from their husbands if they want to wear false teeth 5 Virginia clearly has had enough of tickling against women, as it’s illegal to tickle women there 4 It is mandatory, in the state of Washington, for a motorist with criminal intentions to stop before entering the city call the chief of police before entering the town 3 Whistling underwater is illegal in West Virginia, how a person might whistle underwater is beyond me, but nonetheless you better not attempt it when you’re in the state

2 Wisconsin really hates margarine because all yellow butter substitutes are banned in the state 1 And to finish it all off we bring you the classiest state of them all; in Wyoming all new buildings costing over $100,000 to build must have 1% of the budget spent on art work for the building

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